passim border collies

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Sadie – Passim Breaking dawn

Sadie is Neamah's daughter.

She is very active, with a gentle temperament. Sadie loves to learn new things and is enjoying training for agility with a friend Chrissy, which she enjoys immensely.

She gets on well with all of the dogs, but she does like to have her say, and never keeps still. This is possibly a good thing as she is also extremely fond of her food, and puts on weight very quickly !


 She has had one litter to date, to Dylan (Chazak Royal Request ) who is bred and owned by Ann- Marie Waugh, (both of Dylans parents are Passim bred). I have kept Rio, my sable merle boy from this litter.  Sadie was an excellent mum, though by the time the pups were ready to leave her she was more than ready to go back to her training with Chrissy.  I hope to have a litter from Sadie and Jasper October 2016.

To see Sadie's pedigree and health test results please CLICK HERE.







See Sadie practicing agility with friend Chrissy below