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Older dogs for re-homing.

I do occasionally have older dogs available for re-homing. These may be older dogs or bitches that have been bred from, and are now retired from breeding and deserve a nice happy retirement where they can be spoilt and made to feel special, instead of being one of a larger group in kennels. These dogs would normally be around 7 years of age - but still have plenty of life left in them.

 Occasionally I may have a younger adult, possibly one that has been kept for showing, but has then not quite 'made the grade' or one that was sold as a pup, but has been returned due to a change in the new owners circumstances. Although these are pretty rare.

Please note that these dogs are NOT RESCUE CASES. They are perfectly safe and well cared for and will stay with me unless a suitable  home comes along. I just feel that it is in their best interest to give them the chance of being someone's 'special' companion if that chance comes along.

Adult dogs do not normally come with paperwork other than micro chip details, and will have been vaccinated as pups, but will often not have received all annual boosters, so if you are likely to want to put into boarding kennels at any time will need re-vacinating.

I may also have information on adults for re-homing from other friends and breeders, and if this is the case I will include contact details for the dogs current owners.

Please click on the links below for a full description of currently available adults. I will try to give as honest a description as possible - warts and all - please read and consider carefully before contacting me for an older dog, as it is quite a big commitment, and is not fair on the dog to take it on - get it used to a new life style - and then return it.

Older dogs often need a little more time and patience to settle into a new home environment as unlike puppies they are already well set in their ways, and can find the changes harder to understand, just like older people, they invariably come with some baggage, and are not just an easy way to get a well behaved dog, however it can be worth the extra trouble as they do really appreciate the individual attention once they are settled.


Female, tri, - retired from breeding born 17/5/2009, looking for a more active, comfy retirement. Home and prospective owner will be vetted and will need to have experience of the breed.