passim border collies

Everything a dog should be.


As with any older dog that requires rehoming it is essential that the garden be fully secure - a border collie can clear a 4 foot fence with no trouble at all, and they are extremely good at digging under fences too. For this reason they should be accompanied outside at all times, even if only for a few minutes for a wee, for the first couple of weeks at least, until they feel completely safe and at home in their new surroundings. They need to be kept on the lead when out walking for the first few weeks , until they are completely bonded and secure with their new people and familiar with their surroundings.  They will probably be used to living in a kennel and run or sleeping in a crate at night, and will need to be taught some house manners and possibly to be clean in the house, an older dog will invariably come with some 'baggage' that will need sorting out, If you are not prepared to do this please re-consider if homing an older dog is the best choice for you.

Angel has had three litters, this can be checked out on the kennel club website, and is now looking for a comfortable home to retire to.

Angel has been a good mother, and loved her own pups, but has got quite a quirky personality.

Angel is shy of people she does not know, but once she is confident around someone she becomes friendly and playful and quite protective.  She has a naturally subservient nature, and could give the appearance that she has been harshly treated, which is far from the truth, this is just her normal way, and she has never been harshly treated in her life, but she is quite choosy about who she takes into her trust and who she does not.  She likes food - a lot - and tasty treats is definitely the way to win her heart.

Angel gets on well with male dogs, of her own size or larger, she does not however get on with bitches at all of any size, and could be a bit rough with a smaller male. I would not consider her suitable for a home with children or where children may visit often, as her protective nature could lead to her trying to protect those she considers family. I would not consider her suitable for a home with cats or other small animals as she has shown a keen desire to chase both in the past.

She would probably suit an older person, or couple, as she is not particularly energetic and due to her quirky side would be happy with a reasonable sized secure garden to potter round in and the occasional walk, she prefers a safe secure routine to the excitement of going out for lots of exiting walks. She would prefer a quiet, peaceful home and would not settle well into a home with lots of noise or loud people.

Angel currently lives outside in my kennels with one of my boys, and would be best suited to a home where she could have a large crate in a conservatory or utility room to sleep in at night, with the freedom of the house and a secure garden during the day. She may not be fully house trained, and could make the same 'mistakes' in a house as a puppy would,   I think she would be happy to live either with another male dog for company or on her own, but definitely no bitches.

Please get in contact via my CONTACT FORM if you feel you may be interested in Angel.