passim border collies

Everything a dog should be.


Katy is a Blue (dark grey) and white, medium sized, prick eared girl with a moderately long coat.

Katy came to me from another breeder in place of payment for a stud fee. She was chosen for me by the person who bred her. I would have liked a pup that I could have shown or bred on from, but as she grew I decided that she was not going to quite make the grade in the show ring, and because of her extremely active bouncy personality I have seriouse doubts that she would settle down well to motherhood.

Katy is EXTREMELY active.  I would call her a mile a minute kind of dog. She very rarely seems to have all four feet on the ground at the same time. She really needs to be doing some kind of work - I feel she would do well at agility, fly ball, cannicross, or any kind of sport that would make the most of her energy and exuberance. She will need someone who is keen to teach her, has plenty of patience, and has experience with over exuberant, high drive dogs.

She loves food and food treats and I feel this would be the way forward with her training.  She is friendly and gets on with other dogs and bitches, I would not vouch for her suitability to a home with cats or other small furries, as I feel her drive to work would lead to her chasing them, and for the same reason I would not consider her to be suitable for a home with young children. While she shows no sign of aggression I would have concerns that if a small child was, for example, running around screaming it could stimulate her to chase and nip.

She is currently kenneled outside, and has my large German shepherd male and her own grandmother for company, and gets on well with both of them. She is happy to either sleep outside in a warm kennel, or if the weather is bad she comes in at night to my dog room where she sleeps in a large size dog crate.

I have not had her loose in the house very much partly because we have a house cat and house rabbit as well as my lurcher who lives in - and partly because her constant bouncing around can be a bit over powering after a while, and I can not guarantee that she would be fully clean in the house. She is clean when she is in the dog crate overnight.

I think given the time and training she could be taught house manners, along with pretty much anything else.

At the moment she has very basic skills, walk on the lead, sit, come and 'in' when I want her to go into the kennel or crate.

Please get in contact via my CONTACT FORM if you feel you may be interested in Katy.