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Procedure going forward if you send me a request to go onto my puppy waiting list.

I am not a 'commercial breeder' and normally have just one litter every 12 - 18 months. I normally have quite a long waiting list for my pups, while the list is often quite long  there is always a good possibility that some people will drop out before I have a litter and will get a pup elsewhere, so I will still be willing to add suitable people to it.   

I add people to my list in the order they contact me, then when the pups are born, if for instance I had 5 pups I would contact the first 5 on the list to see if they are still interested, normally some drop out, so I continue to contact people in order until I have as many still interested as I have pups. I feel this is the fairest way as some people will have been waiting for 12 months or more. I then tell any remaining people and keep them in reserve, should one of those that have confirmed their interest drop out.

 I do ask that if you ask to go onto my list, and then decide to get a pup elsewhere you just drop me a line to let me know. That way I can keep my list up to date, I fully understand that this can happen, and it just helps me to keep track if you let me know.  

 When I receive a puppy enquiry I will get back to you by email and let you know when my next litter is planned for, and who the parents will be. However as breeding is not an exact science, bitches do not always come into season when you expect or want them to, so these will not be exact dates unless I already have a bitch in pup at the time of contact.  

All parents along with their health tests and pedigree's can be viewed on my website.  

Normal procedure is that I will contact you once the bitch has been mated, next I will send out pictures of the first ultrasound scan, at approximately 4 weeks to confirm pregnancy, and then a second scan at about 6 - 7 weeks. ( Bitches carry their pups for 9 weeks)  

 I will then send out pictures and videos, of pups & mum from when they are born until they leave, approximately every week. This allows prospective puppy owners watch the pups change and develop, from day one, and see how the temperaments and characters are developing. Pictures can be put into a 'puppy album' and the video's are hosted on YouTube, with links being sent out to interested parties. Most of the videos are not listed as searchable, but as long as you keep the links they can be viewed as much as you like.    

When the pups are around 4 weeks old I invite people to come and meet the pups ( 4 weeks is the earliest they really start to react to people, start to play, and become interesting showing their characters) people can also meet the parents, and other close relatives. Normally both parents will be here, along with some grandparents, half siblings etc.    

If people decide that they do want to go ahead and have one of the pups, they can then leave a deposit to reserve the pup of their choice. The decision does not have to be made when they are here, I am happy for people to go away and discuss the pups before making a decision, getting a pup is a big commitment, that needs all family members to be in agreement, but once they have been visited, I will only reserve a specific pup if it has a deposit on it.  

At this point I also provide a number of pdf files I have compiled to help new owners get prepared, and to know what to expect from a new pup. With information on training, feeding, exercise, neutering and vaccinations etc.  

It is possible to ask for first refusal on a pup before the visit, as some people are very specific on the colour/gender they want, but no one is committed to having a pup until after they have been viewed.    

For security reasons I do not give out my address, or invite people to my home to meet the dogs until pups are ready to be viewed, and I know that my son will be able to be present, as I am sure you are aware dog theft is becoming a real problem, with adults and complete litters of pups being stolen almost daily. While I am sure that the vast majority of inquiries are genuine, I need to put the safety of my dogs - and myself - first, and I hope that by keeping in regular contact online first, we can safely build a relationship  as I feel if someone was up to no good they would soon get bored with answering my emails !  

 I am always happy to answer any questions, and keep in contact with a lot of my puppy owners, some are now on their 4th or 5th dog from me, and I love getting pictures as the dogs grow and develop.   If you are happy with the procedure I follow, then please complete the puppy enquiry form. Please answer as many sections as possible, there are no right or wrong answers, it is just to give me some idea of the kind of home you can offer, and the type of pup that would best suit your needs. If for example you are looking for a dog that will love to go for long runs every day, I can guide you away from the lazy couch potato in the litter, a shy quiet pup would not suit a busy family with young children who may overwhelm it, and a very active pup with a strong desire to work would be best suited to someone interested in training it for an active sport like agility, by understanding what you expect from a pup,  and a bit about your lifestyle, I can help fit the most suitable pup for each owner to the right home. If I feel that a border collie may not be suitable for your life style I will tell you, as it is not in the best interests of either the pup, myself, or you, to let you have a pup that you then find you cannot cope with.

I will also only let one pup go to each owner at a time. Having two pups from the same litter may sound like a good idea, but trust me, it is not ! Trying to do even the most basic training with two pups of the same age is almost impossible, even for experienced trainers. If you want two dogs, leave at least six months gap between them, that way the first will have learnt manners and basic commands before you need to start training the second one.