passim border collies

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I first became interested in showing dogs in 1964, when my boss at the time ( Clare  Coxall) introduced me to the show scene.  It was a lot different then to the way it is now, while it was still very competitive, the shows were a lot smaller, and competitors seemed a lot friendlier, and less intense than they do now, or maybe it is just my memory playing tricks !   

The first championship show I remember going to was at Bath around 1964, though I seem to remember it was held in Bath Pavilion and not at its present location. I can't imagine such a venue being big enough to house a championship show of today's proportions.    

I started my own judging career in 1984, at open show level, and for many years judged most of the working group, and when the group divided into working and pastoral I concentrated my attention on the pastoral group, which contained the breeds that are of most interest to me.  Though I do still judge both groups at open show Level. I have always felt it is important to learn as much as possible about the breeds I judge, and their original purpose, and breed specifics, which is why I try to concentrate my attentions on just a few breeds. I find it difficult to understand how one person can have an in depth understanding, of dozens of breeds, in various groups, and so give exhibitors a fair honest and knowledgeable result when judging.    

I started judging at championship level in 2001, and have now awarded challenge certificates in border collies many times, both here and abroad. I always try to get a judging critique up on my web site and out to the dog press as soon as I possibly can after judging, as I appreciate exhibiters always like to know just why one dog took the judges eye above another.   

I am sometimes asked what a judge looks for in a dog and how you choose one dog over another. The simple answer is the the kennel club provides a breed standard, a blueprint for the breed, that all judges are supposed to study and then judge to. However as with most things this is down to an individuals interpretation, so if you are interested in how I personally interoperate the breed standard please CLICK HERE

 I am always interested in accepting new judging appointments within the pastoral group, but due to the rising cost of fuel am now only accepting appointments of more than 75 miles from my home, if some travel expenses are offered.  Some of my judging critiques can be viewed on the links below. Unfortunately not all are stored on my computer, as a lot were before I owned my first PC so will need to be added at a later date.


Crufts Bitches 2019

S.K.C Champ show  21st, May 2017 - Border collie report.

Manchester Champ show. 17th January 2015. Border collie report.

Ladies Kennel Association 15th December 2012 Border collie report

Welsh Kennel Club 21st August 2010

Danish Kennel club 22nd August 2009

Bournemouth Championship show. 11th august 2007. Border Collies

Klubová výstava BCCCZ, 5th. August. 2006, Brno

Klub show BBCK / Nitra :: Slovakia 29th. May. 2004

East Anglia B.C.C. Championship 3rd May 2004

South Wales K.A. 8th July 2001 Border collie


North Devon Agricultural show. Open dog show. 7/8/2019

Cheltenham & District Canine Society open show, 26th February 2017. -  Australian shepherd & bearded collies

Llandysul & District canine society Open show. 22nd March 2014 Pastoral Group and Junior Handling.

Dundee C.C. Open show, 9th June 2012. - Corgies, Border collies, Australian shepherds, B.S.D, Shetland sheep dogs, Samoyed, A.V.N.S.C. pastoral, A.V. pastoral & Pastoral group.

South West Essex Canine Association Open Show Sunday 15th January 2012. A.V.N.S.C. Pastoral. Border Collie A.V. Pastoral Pastoral group. Alaskan Malamute. Siberian Husky

Newton Abbot & South Devon C.S. Open show 27th August 2011. Pastoral breeds & pastoral group.

Tavistock C.S. 7th October 2007. Border collie, GSD, Finish lapphund corgie Pyrenean samoyed B.S.D. Rough collies, Australian Shepherd, Av past pup Av past vetran import Pastoral Group & B.I.S.

Royal welsh 19th May 2007. A.v.n.s.c pastoral A.v. pastoral AV Working , B.S.D, shetland sheepdog, Rough collies,

West Country Dog Club. Open Show 16th August 2006. GSD, Briard, Australian shepherd, Corgies, Bearded collie, Rough collies AV Pastoral N.S.C. AV Pastoral Charity Stakes. Pastoral Group

Stroud and district canine society. Open show. 13th November 2005. Border collies

Wessex border collie club  4th.May.2003

Guildford & dist cs 26th.May.1999 Border collie

St. melons agg  13th.August.1997 Border collie

Reditch & dist.c.s. 13th April 1997. Pembroke corgie , Border collies, B.S.D. Rough collies,

West of England border collie club  22nd.September.1996

North west border collie club  3rd.March.1996

Tongwynlais c.s. 10th February 1996. Newfoundland Estrella, Shetland sheepdog  Rough collies, A.V. working puppy , B.S.D. Rough collies,

East anglia border collie club  3rd.December.1995

Romsey & dist.c.s.  11th.June.1995 B.S.D Shetland sheep dog, Rough colies,

Bridgend & dist.c.s.  8th.January.1995

Coventry lka  1st.January.1994  Border collies

Wickford Basildon & dist.  12th.September.1993 Border collies

Suffolk K.A.  4th.July.1993 Rough collies , Bearded collies,

Southern border collie club  31st.January.1993

Christ church & new forest c.s.  29th.July.1992 Border collies

Hyde & dist c.s.  2nd.November1991 Border collies

St. Mellons Agg  14th.August.1991 Border collies

Swindon & dist.c.s. open  2nd March 1991 Border collies

Camberly and dist c.s. open   16th June 1990 Border collies

Nottingham Sherwood Foresters KA. open   23rd December 1984. Border collies