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Current and future litters.

 For information on future litters please contact me via my puppy contact form.  

Please read the notes below before contacting me, as this can save us both time.   

 Exporting.  I do not export my pups, I prefer them to stay in this country, where I am in a position to help and offer advice if owners circumstances change, I will always take back one of my breeding if necessary, but would not be able to do this if the dog is in another country.  

Third Party Purchase.  I will not sell my pups to third parties or dealers. I need to have contact with the person who will be the main person responsible for caring for the pup.  

More than one.   I do not recommend having more than one pup at a time, one is enough for most people to train at a time, more than one and they become too interested in each other to make training easy. If you want a second pup I suggest waiting six months until the first pup has learnt all the basics, then take on a second pup if you still want to.   

Health Tests. My breeding dogs have had the relevant health tests, with normal results, and have been hip scored. This means that the pups will be clear by parentage for the conditions the parents have been tested for. Some conditions do not yet have tests available, and some conditions can occur due to environmental factors, even if the parents have good results (i.e. Hip dysplasia, epilepsy, cancer etc. ) I do all I can to produce healthy pups, but I can not be responsible for un-testable/environmental  conditions that may occur once the pup leaves my ownership.     

Registration. My pups are registered with the kennel club, this registration needs to be transferred into your name for you to have legal ownership.

Microchip.  I microchip pups between 7 - 8 weeks of age. This has become a legal requirement for ALL dogs from April 2016. It is the legal responsibility of the new owner to transfer the micro chip into their name. It is important to notify the microchip company should you change address to keep your contact details up to date.    

Insurance.   I do suggest you consider taking out insurance. Generally speaking, border collies are a pretty healthy breed, but accidents can happen, and any dog can get sick, and if they do, vet fee's can be very expensive.   Speak to your home insurer to see if they do pet insurance, or check out pet insurance online to find one that suits your needs. Alternatively consider a savings account that you can pay regular amounts into, then the money is available should you need it for vet fee's and if not you have a nest egg.

Vaccination.  I do not vaccinate pups before they leave. The antibodies the pups get from their mothers milk remain in the pups system for 10 - 12 weeks. If pups are vaccinated too young, they may still have antibodies present that could compromise the vaccine. I personally vaccinate the pups that I keep after 12 weeks of age.      

Worming. I start worming pups at three weeks of age, then every two weeks until they leave, please take the worming certificate you will find in your puppy pack with you when you take your pup to the vet for the first time so that he is informed as to the treatments the pup has received.  

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