passim border collies

Everything a dog should be.

FLIRT - Passim Flirtini

Flirt started out looking like a little angel, though looks can be deceptive! 

 She is extremely active, and loves to play with my other dogs, particularly her mum – Neamah – and she has her Dads – Jasper - busy nature, always on the go, and his lovely colour, though those pretty little tipped ears are now bolt upright, they do still seem to suit her character.

 I hope to have a litter from Flirt at the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020, and all being well the dad will be my Rio, so we could get a variety of colours, and the temperaments should be very good, although I do not expect the pups to be couch potatoes – with their breeding they should be ideal for doggy sports or active experienced homes.

I will try to add more pictures when the weather is suitable.

 Her pedigree and health tests can be found Here.