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Passim Border Collies are located three miles from Lydney in the beautiful Forest of Dean Gloucestershire. A great place to live with dogs, having loads of wonderful woodland walks literally on the doorstep.

At the moment the animal family consists of Eleven Border Collies, One German Shepherd, One Lurcher, One Cat, Two Parrots, one rabbit some Chickens, and two Corn Snakes. Although in the past I have also kept or bred, ponies, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits and assorted poultry. I have also owned and bred, Shelties, Rough collies, Smooth collies, whippets, and poodles, but now limit myself to breeding just a small number of border collie pups, each year. 

border colie judgingI have been involved with breeding and showing dogs since the early sixties, but did not own my first border collie until the early seventies, I judge the breed at championship show level, both at home and abroad, and most pastoral breeds at open show level, including the group and best in show.

I have worked with dogs as a dog groomer, and have my own grooming business ‘Dean Dogs’, I am also a qualified micro chipper and canine ultrasound pregnancy scanner and am an active committee member of the West of England Border Collie Club, and have in the past been a handler of explosives search dogs, so dogs are more than just my hobby, they are my way of life. 

border collie pupThe kennel name  - Passim -  (Latin for everywhere) was first registered with the Kennel Club in 1977 and registered with the International Sheep Dog Society a short time later. I am only a small kennel, breeding just one to four litters of puppies a year, always in the hope of breeding that ‘special’ pup for myself, to show the following year. 

My main interest is in breed showing my dogs, but even though I do not take part in other doggy sports personally, many of my pups go on to participate in many other sports with a good deal of success for their new owners. Please take a look at the   Gallery to see what a few of them get up to. agility dog jumping

I feel it is important to maintain the true collie type, a dog that is easy to live with, and is keen to ‘have a go’ at anything you ask of it. It’s very nice to have a pretty dog that wins in the show ring, but it is equally important that our breed maintains the abilities it was originally bred for, a true working dog that can prove its worth in many situations, from working stock to obedience, from agility to search and rescue, it will be a very sad day if the breed loses this versatility.

blue merle border collie pupI have always had a very special interest in the ‘other’ colours in border collies, and have spent a great deal of time studying how the different coat colours are inherited, but I always put health, temperament, soundness and breed type, before colour when choosing my breeding stock, the interesting colours are just the icing on the cake for me.

All of my dogs have the relevant health tests that are available, as do any outside stud dogs that I may use.  Passim dogs can be found behind many of the coloured Border Collies that are around today, both at home and abroad, and the number of people who have come back to me for a second or even third pup must mean I must be getting something right!  

I always enjoy hearing from anyone who has one of my Border Collies, or a descendant from my lines and it is a treat to receive pictures of my pups, and hear how they are getting on, you are very welcome to contact me on my contact page. If you would like a picture of your dog on my gallery page, please send me the picture, along with a few words about the dog, and I will be very happy to add it.  I do hope you enjoy browsing my site, and will come back to visit again, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I also provide a pedigree printing service, and website design service. Please use the links at the side of the page for more information .

Sue Ader